Removable dentures are replacements for the teeth that also provide support for the lips and face where the bone has been lost over the years. Implant supported dentures offer more stability, comfort, retention and retain the jawbone bulk.

Two implant stud attachments to support a removable overdenture- a minimum standard of care!

With our excellent laboratories and specialist prosthodontics, we will carefully construct beautiful dentures to complement your face. This treatment can be used as a first stage to planning both the position for implant bridges and over-dentures.

Typically dentures rest upon the gums, and any remaining teeth. For many patients, dentures will tend to adversely affect these tissues until eventually more teeth are lost, the jawbone under the gums has lost bulk, and the type of gum covering the jaw becomes of a poor quality. As these supporting tissues are lost, the dentures become less steady and more difficult to wear.

The gum and jawbone were never 'designed' to support dentures. Placing implants to support and retain a denture will generally offer much more stability and predictability over time, improving comfort, retention, and most importantly helping to retain the jawbone bulk. We consider that using implants to support full dentures would ideally be a minimum standard of care that we would like to offer our patients - although when teeth are still present, a tooth supported metal-based partial denture may be an effective way to replace a few missing teeth.

An important advantage of implant supported over-dentures for some of our patients is the fact that they can be a little easier to maintain -brushing or flossing around the implants is easier with the denture or bridge part removed. This may be important where access is really difficult, for example where there is massive bone loss, or when the patient is not very dexterous.


A patient fitted with an implant supported overdenture- milled titanium bar on 4 implants

Fitting surface of overdenture

Implant- supported overdenture in place