CAD Planning for Dental Implant Surgery

Image Guided Surgery uses advanced imaging technologies such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) planning software and 3D Printers to visualise and pre-plan the surgery for each individual patient.

We use 3D imaging to enhance our ‘3D-thinking’ and 3D perception, and thus improve our ability to diagnose and treat our patients, and also makes it possible to plan the prosthetic result, which transforms the reconstructive process. Image guided surgery, using 3D imaging and 3D printing technologies have dramatically changed our management of patients requiring complex treatments, transforming implant surgery, root canal treatment, and crown and bridgework, and contributing to a more straightforward and predictable result for the patient.

Our extraordinary technological resources enable us to carry out extraordinary dental implant treatments - for example, as in this case, providing a new full definitive fixed implant bridge in just one 30 minute surgical session- click image to enlarge:

image guide surgery Dental Implants image guided surgery CAD     

Listen to Alastair's dental implant experience.