Implant support can dramatically improve the situation by providing robust anchorage for a bridge, a denture, or a prosthesis.

Teeth do so much more than you might think. They support the lips, and help to give structure to the face. When the teeth are missing along with large parts of the jaw, an eye, or the nose, wearing ordinary dentures or facial prostheses becomes exceptionally difficult.

Extreme lack or loss of bone as a result of infection, traumatic injury or cancer treatment can make implant treatment challenging, as massive bone loss may mean that it is difficult to find suitable bone in which to anchor ordinary implants. Another cause of massive bone loss which we are now seeing quite often in our practice is destruction caused by failing or failed dental implants.

We routinely see patients with extreme problems, and in these exceptional situations, we will find a bespoke solution for your problem, if necessary specially designing and making implants, and engineering bridge or prosthesis frameworks. We have introduced several new surgical procedures and designed new types of implants to make it possible to provide implant solutions for nearly every patient!

With failure of old implants there has been catastrophic bone loss - there are openings between the mouth and the nose

Specially made implants anchor a robust titanium bar which supports a fixed / removable prosthesis

The bar rigidly anchors a fixed / removable bridge

The fixed / removable bridge in place - the patient can eat drink and speak normally