When there is extreme lack or loss of bone we will find a bespoke implant solution.

There are rare instances where a patient has an extreme lack of bone as a result of a traumatic injury, an infection or due to cancer treatment.

With 25 years of dental implant experience Dawood and Tanner have a deep understanding of how much the teeth matter both physically and psychologically. We are very sympathetic to the trauma that is experienced from injury or illness and how this is compounded when the teeth or other facial features are missing. We feel it is vitally important to restore speech, eating and even the ability to walk down the street without attracting unwanted attention.

Teeth are fundamentally important to the structure and function of the face. When the teeth are missing along with large parts of the jaw, an eye, or the nose, wearing ordinary dentures or facial prostheses becomes exceptionally difficult.

Dental Implant Supported Prosthesis and Bridges

We have treated many patients with very challenging problems, and in these exceptional situations, we endeavoured to find a solution, and if necessary, we specially designed and made the implants, as well as engineering bridge or prosthesis frameworks.

Helping these patients over the years has allowed us to introduce several new surgical procedures as well as designing new types of implants, thus making it possible to provide implant solutions for nearly every patient.

We are also seeing patients who come to us with severe bone loss issues from failed or failing dental implants made of poor quality materials. As ever we will rectify the situation with implant treatments using Nobel biocare implants to ensure that the patient can return to function and preventing any further bone loss.

As you can see from the case study below, we are able to treat patients and give them back their quality of life.

With failure of old implants there has been catastrophic bone loss - there are openings between the mouth and the nose

Specially made implants anchor a robust titanium bar which supports a fixed / removable prosthesis

The bar rigidly anchors a fixed / removable bridge

The fixed / removable bridge in place - the patient can eat drink and speak normally