Dawood & Tanner Accreditation

We recognise that the manner in which our implants are restored so greatly affects the outcome and longevity of our dental implant treatments. To ensure that patients who have had their implants placed at Dawood and Tanner, but have them restored elsewhere receive the ideal implant restorative care, we have introduced Dawood and Tanner Accreditation.

Many of our Dawood and Tanner Accredited dentists will have enrolled in an Implant restorative course with Dr Andrew Dawood or Dr Susan Tanner, or have completed a portfolio of a number of supervised cases; all will be committed to continuing education in implant dentistry.

We provide our accredited dentists with ongoing implant prosthodontic training and advice to help them to plan and carry out the prosthodontic phases of dental implant treatment – as well as advising on other aspects of restorative dental care. As a practice that has endeavoured to achieve excellence in implant dentistry, we believe that your patients will be reassured by the knowledge that you are Dawood & Tanner Accredited.
We invite you to become part of our exclusive network – sharing experience and giving you the confidence to manage complex cases, learn new techniques, and keep abreast of new developments.

Benefits of accreditation:

  • Evidence of training in implant dentistry
  • Use of the D&T Accredited logo on your website
  • A commitment to quality alongside leaders in the field
  • Continued mentoring support for you and your team
  • Discounts on training and events
  • 15% discount on Noblebiocare implant components

If you would like to learn and develop new skills in implant dentistry and become an accredited dentist in restoring Dawood and Tanner dental implants contact us through the link below:

Referrals Accreditation