Bespoke smile designs

Smile Makeovers with Dr Andrew Chandrapal

Andrew has been delivering exceptional cosmetic dentistry for over 22 years. His focus has always been very patient orientated, taking the time to listen and fully understand the needs of every patient, so that their dream smile is achieved.

His bespoke smile designs and architecture of smiles allow no one smile to be the same. Each smile makeover is unique; custom made with the patient being in control of the end result as much as Andrew.

Andrew has vast experience in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry and is also able to treat more complex cases where tooth replacement and treatment of extreme tooth wear is necessary. His areas of expertise are:

  • Dental Cosmetics – Complete smile makeovers, and other simple and advanced ways to improve the appearance of the smile. Invisalign, veneers and composite bonding are the most used techniques.
  • Dental Implants – Advanced methods of tooth replacement for one or more teeth.
  • Tooth wear Management – For patients who grind or clench their teeth.
  • Advanced comprehensive care – For patients who have lost several teeth or who’s teeth are in a state of disrepair.
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Beautiful natural smile transformation

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Bulky or misshapen crowns can sometime lack natural detail and features. This patient wanted to have a much more natural appearance and so careful planning, gumline adjustment and a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns led to just that! A beautifully natural smile transformation that required that extra attention to detail.

Dental Veneers are a thin layer of custom-made porcelain which fits over the front of the tooth. Veneers not only restore your teeth in the most beautiful and natural-like appearance but also ensure longevity of the restorations.

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Smile makeover with a dental implant

Tooth Replacement with Stunning Smile Aesthetics

This patient has suffered with unhealthy front teeth for many years. This meant unfortunately one tooth could not be saved and so Andrew placed a dental implant and porcelain crown, alongside gumline adjustment and  porcelain veneers to create a stunning smile makeover – Can you tell which tooth was the dental implant? Our aim is to create natural seamless smiles so hopefully you cannot tell!

Dental Implants have become the best solution for replacing missing teeth. Whether you are missing a single tooth, or all of your teeth, dental implants are the gold standard. An implant provides a solid, long-lasting, and comfortable solution that looks and feels just like your own natural teeth. A dental implant does more than simply restore your smile, it gives support to your mouth and lips, and this can often lead to a more youthful appearance.

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Treatment for advanced tooth wear

Full Smile Transformation for Teeth in an Advanced State of Disrepair

This patient was referred to see Andrew as a number of aspects were problematic. This patient had advanced complications involving lots of tooth wear, and old failing fillings and crowns. With time, good communication, careful planning and discussion; the end result was a total smile transformation. This involved all porcelain crowns, veneers and composite bonding alongside gumline adjustment. This case took some time to create but hopefully you will agree it was worth it!

Gumline correction involves reshaping and enhancing the appearance of the gums. The gumline is sculpted by the removal of excess tissue, which contributes to the aesthetics of your smile.

If a patient requires the replacement or gum tissue, gum grafting may be offered. This is where tissue may be brought in from another part of the mouth. Gum recession treatment is also an option for those who require the restoration of gum tissue. This involves covering exposed root surfaces by a small surgical procedure to move the gum tissues back into their original position. Find out more about our gum treatments here.

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Cosmetic work on the front teeth

Whitening, Bonding & Tooth Replacement

This patient had discoloured veneers to their front teeth and also lost a tooth which required a dental implant. Using the best dental laboratories and techniques we managed to create a stunning change using a combination of implants, crowns, porcelain veneers and composite bonding to engineer a wonderful smile just by modifying the front four teeth!

Bonded Composite Restorations are the safest, most biocompatible and conservative way of restoring decayed, fractured and/or worn teeth; returning the tooth back to health, and function as well as providing a highly aesthetic appearance.

Professional tooth whitening is the most conservative and cost-effective way of improving the appearance of your smile in a very short period of time. We always ensure that the health of your teeth is maintained by using the safest and most powerful method for whitening your teeth, whether you choose our at home method, or our in surgery method.

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Dr Andrew Chandrapal

Special Interest in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

BDS, FCGDent, DPDS(Bris), MClinDent(Pros)

Andrew regularly travels to improve his techniques, and stay on top of the latest developments within restorative and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, Andrew has been teaching his techniques to other dentists for over 14 years and is also highly sought after as a speaker at dental conferences nationally and internationally.

Smile Makeovers, Dr Andrew Chandrapal