We have made sure that every precaution for yours and our staff’s safety is in place.

Please feel assured that we are here to look after you and the health of your mouth. As always, at Dawood & Tanner infection control is and has been a fundamental tenet of our dental practice. We are using all the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) and infection prevention and control (IPC) protocols in line with NHS COVID-19 guidance and standard operating procedures.
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Welcome to Dawood & Tanner

We are a proudly independent Specialist Dental Practice based in Central London. We provide every dental treatment including Dental Implants, Root Canal Treatments, Gum Treatments and the most beautiful Dental Restorations and Cosmetic Treatments available.

Minimally Invasive and Caring Treatments

Our Dental Philosophy

Keeping your mouth healthy is our first and foremost concern. Finding the best possible solutions through technology and by developing new techniques for dental implants, root canal treatment and gum disease has been the focus of our multi-disciplinary dental team for over 25 years.

As a Specialist Dental Practice, we always look to the future of dentistry so that you can have a lifetime of good dental health in all aspects of dental care and ensure that you stay smiling.

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Our lead clinicians, Dr Andrew Dawood and Dr Susan Tanner are proud to have assembled a team of some of the finest dental practitioners, many of whom are globally renowned for research in their specialties.  Our practice is unique in having all of these specialists under one roof, meaning your needs are treated seamlessly, particularly if you have a complex situation, in less time, without the need to go elsewhere.

The key to successful patient outcomes

Advanced technologies –
less invasive and faster treatments

Pioneering New Techniques

We blend our dental implant experience with developing new innovations which often become the standard of practice for dentists around the globe.  Our commitment is to pioneer new concepts and techniques so that we can provide faster, more accurate and reliable treatments for our patients.

Published Research in Dental Journals

We are proud to have some of the best clinicians in the UK as part of our team. As specialists in their fields they are transforming treatments of today through their continued research and focus on improving dental care.

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3D Imaging and CAD Planning

We lead in Digital Dentistry with state of the art CBCT facilities, DXT Suite, CAD Surgical Planning software, and our extensive 3D Printing and Milling facilities. Using this technology allows us to streamline our patient’s treatments, making them faster, less invasive, with the ability to carry out multiple procedures in a single step instead of many.

3D Printed Surgical Guides

We have in-house industrial 3D Printers to create 3D printed cutting guides and templates. Using these allows us to plan and rehearse implant surgery before the patient is the chair. For our patients this means fewer appointments, maximum surgical precision and a quicker recovery.

Surgical Navigation

Dr Andrew Dawood completed the first procedure in the UK using the X-Nav. Surgical navigation apparatus. The technology is designed to elevate the surgeon’s control and precision over the entire dental implant process. This allows him to have a freehand, but still highly controlled approach to the implant surgical procedures.

Nobel Biocare™ Implants

Our dental implants and restorative components are supplied by Nobel Biocare™; we keep the largest stock of implants and components in the UK. Our patients benefit from the most appropriate implants and components for each individual situation.

We are here to help patients and dentists

Wimpole Street Practice

- Specialist Dental Treatment

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One of London’s leading Specialist Dental Practices, renowned for our dental implants and restorative treatments. We have been at the forefront of implant dentistry for over 25 years, building a reputation for excellent patient care and successfully restoring smiles.

Referral Service

- Partnering with your dental practice

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When you refer your patients for treatment to Dawood & Tanner, you and your patients can feel reassured and confident that you are partnering with one of the best known and longest established implant practices in the UK.

Montagu Dental

- General Dental Treatment

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Montagu Dental focuses on providing high quality, cost- effective general dentistry. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and calm environment for our patients delivered by a friendly and professional team.

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