Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Dawood & Tanner use the most advanced range of cosmetic dental treatments, such as whitening, and advanced restorative dental materials, to give our patients beautiful, natural-looking and healthy functioning teeth.

We do our utmost to preserve your own teeth, using gentle and minimally invasive dental treatments, to improve and restore their cosmetic appearance and function.

Restoring, or replacing your teeth has never been easier.  We have the most sophisticated in-house laboratories, and a choice of restorative materials that has never been more extensive or exciting to create the most beautiful and natural teeth for our patients.

Over the years we have moved towards metal-free materials for the restoration of teeth, using ceramic-reinforced resins, ceramics and zirconium-based materials for the majority of our work.

As a matter of routine our dentists and therapists use bonded ceramic-reinforced (composite) materials to restore cavitated teeth, sometimes using these materials even where there is extensive loss of tooth structure so as to avoid further preparation for crowns.

'Pressed' ceramics are often used for the lifelike restoration of weakened back teeth, and where possible we prefer the use of tooth-coloured ceramic or porcelain bonded to zirconium crowns.

Where there is extensive grinding or tooth clenching we may still use porcelain bonded techniques or extremely durable ' monolithic' zirconium crowns which are milled from a block of industrially prepared material. We rarely use gold - although this is the strongest dental restorative material, and it still has a place at the back of the mouth.

We believe that we work with some of the most talented ceramists and advanced technologists in the country, to deliver the most natural looking and durable restorations. We collaborate to combine expert crown and bridge, implant, orthodontic, and gum treatments to enable us to provide the most comprehensive cosmetic dental treatment options for the most complex and challenging mouths.

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Advanced Restorative Dentistry

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Whitening Treatments

Dawood and Tanner use the latest tooth whitening techniques, which are so efficient, that in many cases they rejuvenate your teeth so beautifully, that veneers or crowns won’t be necessary....More on Whitening Treatments ›

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Bonded Composite Restorations

Bonded Composite Restorations are the safest, most biocompatible and conservative way of restoring decayed, fractured and/or worn teeth; returning the tooth back to health, and function as well as...More on Bonded Composite Restorations ›

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Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Improve the function and appearance with Cosmetic Dental Treatments Dawood & Tanner use the most advanced ceramic and tooth-coloured restorative materials to achieve the best possible cosmetic outcome for our...More on Cosmetic Dental Treatments ›

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Crowns, Veneers, and Bridgework

Options for Dental Restorations The way that we use and manufacture crowns and bridgework has changed dramatically over the years, and they remain important treatments, but modern bonded restorative...More on Crowns, Veneers, and Bridgework ›