Beautiful and Healthy teeth

Individual smiledesign perfectedfor you

Dawood & Tanner has a team of some of the UK’s leading prosthodontists. Your teeth will be designed to have the best shade and size in relation to your lips and face to create a harmonious smile – this creates an overall cosmetic improvement.

Your teeth are the cosmetic highlight of your face, and they are also one of the most important parts of your body.  We use the most advanced techniques and dental materials to ensure that your restorations will function and last.  We will work together to make sure you are able to eat, speak and smile for years to come.

Teeth that look real, not fake

We don’t use a one size fits all template approach when designing smiles. The dental restorations we produce in collaboration with our top dental technicians and importantly, yourself, will have natural details, colour, shade and translucency that either accurately match your other existing teeth, or give you the most beautiful teeth you desire.

The main goal in our practice is to help you keep your own teeth for your lifetime, and it is for this reason that we will never perform a cosmetic dental treatment that will damage healthy teeth for a fashionable appearance. Our philosophy for cosmetic dentistry is to perform advanced dental treatments that are safe for your teeth, and provide tooth restorations that are uniquely YOU.