Innovation and Experience

The latest technology for replacing missing teeth

Dr Dawood first used a similar technique nearly 20 years ago – Brånemark Novum developed by Professor Brånemark, the father of implant dentistry. Trefoil™ is the new highly evolved development of this approach which makes implant treatment as straightforward as it possibly can be for patients with missing or failing lower teeth.

The Trefoil™ system represents the latest technology for replacing missing teeth in the lower jaw – where the bone is usually better than in the upper jaw – with a fixed implant bridgework. For upper jaw treatments with significant bone loss see zygomatic implants.

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Implants for Your Lower jaw

A premium Dental Implant treatment at a lower cost

Trefoil™ is a ground-breaking and affordable fixed implant solution for patients who have missing or failing teeth in the lower jaw.

It may be used even where there is significant bone loss and can provide a truly definitive “Teeth in a Day” treatment. In some cases patients may benefit from a shorter treatment time of just 6 hours, including surgery and bridge placement.

After an initial consultation and planning appointments, surgery takes place using a unique guide that enables the precise positioning of 3 specially designed implants.

The Trefoil™ system is not intended to replace existing solutions for multiple missing teeth, but offers a more affordable premium alternative. This technology uses an advanced pre-fabricated bridge framework, reducing some of the laboratory work that would otherwise be necessary in a traditional implant treatment, thus providing an excellent lower cost alternative.

This wonderful innovation makes implant treatment with fixed bridgework available to people who previously might have had to manage with a form of removable denture.

Definitive lower jaw implants and bridgework in one day

With meticulous planning and the use of our in-house technology and laboratory facilities, a definitive bridge can be provided on the day of surgery – or soon after in cases where the appearance needs to be carefully refined.

If the treatment is suitable for the patient, Trefoil™ allows for immediate function and straightforward fixed definitive bridgework on the same day as the surgery.