Dental and Facial Reconstruction

Highly specialised team of Maxillofacial, Craniofacial and Plastic Surgeons

We are able to orchestrate complex multidisciplinary treatments for facial disfigurement, oncology and trauma patients.

Our objective is to provide the best possible result in as few procedures as possible, often combining surgical and prosthodontic procedures with state-of-the-art imaging and computer-aided modelling and planning. Custom-made implants and implant components are designed and manufactured when necessary.

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Reconstruction after sub-total maxillectomy


This young man had function and appearance restored after loss of a large part of his upper jaw following tumour ablation. Dental and zygomatic implants were used as well as custom manufactured components for this special situation.

Post-Treatment Reconstruction


Cancer may affect structures in the body that are important for breathing, eating, swallowing and speaking, as well as the patients appearance.

As an international leader in this field, Dr Dawood has helped many patients regain function and appearance with advanced reconstructive techniques.

Dr Andrew Dawood regularly performs complete jaw reconstructions- often rebuilding the jaws from scratch, following trauma or cancer surgery. Andrew has had the highest level of training and can provide the best possible solution for your individual requirements.

His reconstructive skillset means that he also provides bone graft for referring dental practitioners.

Aiding Quality of Life

Facial Disfigurement

Expertise in imaging, 3D printing, dental technology and industrial design and innovation allows us to inject a high-tech and creative philosophy into advanced surgical plans. We will collaborate to assist with planning, surgery and final dental/nasal/orbital reconstruction. Our aim is to make surgery faster and less invasive, always with a view to achieving a sustained positive impact on quality of life.

We regularly work to repair facial disfigurement due to cancer, trauma and developmental conditions. Implant reconstruction often plays an important role if facial prosthetics or extensive implant bridgework is needed.

In this extreme case the jaw was rebuilt following a devastating shotgun injury, using skin and bone grafted from the shoulder-blade, and simultaneous reconstruction with dental implants and bridgework took place – the first ever example of ‘Jaw-in-a-Day’ treatment in the world. (Collaboration with Professor Iain Hutchison)

3D Printed Model of Jaw in a day Patient
Shotgun Jaw in a Day Patient after treatment
Jaw in a Day Patient teeth

Severe trauma to face, jaws, and teeth

Cyclist trauma injuryPatient with scar after cycling accident
Dental Trauma Patient with final good result

Trauma following a cycling accident multidisciplinary treatment took place with a combination of crown and bridgework on teeth and implants, endodontic (root canal) treatment. Lip repair and grafting was coordinated with plastic surgeon Mr Nial Kirkpatrick to complete the patient’s impeccable recovery.

Technology and Advanced Skills

Facial Trauma

Whether it is an emergency case, or reconstructive surgery later on, we can help.

Facial trauma can impact on the many fragile and diverse structures that make up the face. Whether a solitary injured tooth or a complex and devastating facial injury, we will orchestrate treatment and collaborate with our specialists using the most advanced technology to provide our patients with the best possible aesthetics and function.


Digital Dentistry:3D Printing Dental Models

We have an in-house multi-material 3D Printer for making study models and surgical guides. Patients are assured of a fast and accurate treatment.