Advanced smile transformation

Form and Function in One Beautiful Smile

When providing restorative dentistry, appearance, along with long-term health is our primary goal when we design your smile. It is key that your teeth will allow you to eat without hindrance, speak clearly and give support to your lips and face. Whether your teeth are badly broken down, missing, worn or defective in any way, we are able to create beautiful teeth that will look like you were born with them.

Missing tooth before maryland-bridge Placement of maryland-bridge

This patient had lost her confidence when smiling and also had trouble eating, as the teeth in her upper jaw were limiting her ability to bite properly.

We provided this patient with a porcelain bonded bridge on her upper jaw that not only reestablished her appearance, but also completely changed the function of her bite and oral health. On her lower jaw, we placed two dental implants to support a 4 tooth bridge.

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In the case of missing several teeth, 2 or more implants would give support to a 3 unit, or longer bridge. The number of implant bridge supporting is dependent to the location of the bridge inside the mouth and to the needs of that bridge (patients with a heavier bite may require more implants supporting a bridge).

Groups of missing teeth can be replaced with an implant-supported bridgework. Preparation of neighbouring teeth is not required as the implant construction simply replaces the missing teeth.