CAD Planning for Dental Implant Surgery

Dawood & Tanner use advanced digital dentistry to diagnose and pre-plan your implant surgery.

The 3D Image Guided Surgery method uses high-definition optical scans which are then imported into our CAD (Computer Aided Design) planning software which generates a 3D digital model of your teeth and jaw.

We are able to diagnose and treat our patients far more effectively because our ‘3D-thinking’ of each patients unique anatomy is greatly enhanced, allowing us to better plan the most effective implant positions in accordance with the density and availability of bone, as well as planning the prosthetic outcome.

Your procedure is considered in great detail and rehearsed before your implant surgery occurs, making the entire process faster, less invasive and more accurate, which means you heal more rapidly and have a fantastic result.

Once we decide upon the best locations for the implants, we then use this data to produce the 3D Printed surgical guides. It also is the first stage in the design of the prosthetics restorations for results that are functionally excellent and aesthetically perfect.

Faster and More Accurate Dental Implant Surgery

Image guided surgery, using 3D imaging and 3D printing technologies has also dramatically changed our management of patients requiring complex treatments - transforming implant surgery, root canal treatment, and crown and bridgework, and contributing to a safer, more straightforward and predictable result for the patient.

Our unique combination of technological resources enable us to carry out extraordinary dental implant treatments - for example, as in this case, providing a new full definitive fixed implant bridge in just one 30 minute surgical session.

Our extraordinary technological resources enable us to carry out extraordinary dental implant treatments.

In the case below we provided a new full definitive fixed implant bridge in just one 30 minute surgical session.
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image guide surgery Dental Implants image guided surgery CAD     

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