Dental Implants options for replacing your missing teeth

If you have one or more missing teeth, a single implant or implant supported bridge is an effective solution that will also help preserve your remaining teeth and bone. A single implant looks and functions like your own tooth.

  • Replacing a missing tooth with an implant avoids having to cut into adjacent healthy teeth to support a dental bridge.
  • An implant-retained crown has a similar appearance to a normal crown and appears to emerge through the gum naturally.
  • The presence of the implant will slow the change in shape of the bone and gum where teeth have been lost.
  • It is often easier to keep the independent implant-retained crown or bridge clean than a tooth-supported bridge extending over several teeth. As a result, the adjacent teeth may lead a normal uncompromised life.

Single Tooth

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Replacing a single missing tooth is a highly conservative treatment. A single implant is very similar to your own natural tooth root, which means it is not necessary to prepare adjacent teeth (drill them down) to create a bridgework support as would be traditionally done. The implant tooth and crown restoration can be looked after just like your own natural teeth.

The implant procedure itself is often straightforward. The final implant restoration is usually made with a combination of computer-aided design and 3D manufacturing technologies, and hand finished to produce a beautiful natural looking appearance.

Several Teeth

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Groups of missing teeth can be replaced with an implant supported bridgework. For example, two implants can support a bridge replacing three - four teeth.

If your missing teeth are in an area of the mouth where the biting forces are heavy, more implants may be added and a larger bridge may be required.

Once again, treatment is highly conservative as it is not necessary to prepare teeth to support bridgework; the implant construction simply replaces the missing teeth without further compromising any remaining teeth.