Dental Implants on the Same Day

Teeth in a Day, Smile in a Day, Same Day Teeth, and All-on-4 are all procedures that we are renowned for - a life changing experience for our patients.

Before and after same day dental implant treatment

We are expert in providing these treatments, with our in-house imaging, 3D printing, our own laboratories, and an extraordinary range of dental implants and components, making it easy for us to provide teeth on the same day as surgery. We have been providing this sort of immediate implant treatment for treatment for very many years!

Surgical treatment to place the dental implants can take place in as little as 30 minutes, the implant teeth may be available immediately or within a few hours, and very few patients are turned away through lack of bone.

The first step in this process is meticulous planning. This may be quick and straightforward if appearance and function is attractive and effective, or may take a little more thought and more time if great changes to appearance or improvements in function are needed.

Implant placement will then take place, often at the same time as removing teeth. Resin teeth are usually fitted at first, and then later on, once the bone has grown on to the surface of the implants, (we call this “biological integration”) the resin teeth are replaced with a more robust definitive restoration which is usually based on a ceramic or titanium structure.



Before, immediately after and a week later for implant replacement of a missing front tooth