Zygomatic Implants are for patients who have substantial bone loss in the upper jaw.

Often these patients have been told that they are not suitable for implant treatment, as ordinary dental implants cannot be used on their own to provide support for implant bridgework. At Dawood and Tanner, we have been successfully treating these cases for over 10 years.

What are Zygomatic Implants, and how are they used?

  • Zygomatic implants are longer than ordinary dental implants, and engage the very strong bulk of bone that forms the cheekbone.
  • Zygomatic implants can be used as an alternative to complex bone grafting operations, making it possible to carry out surgery in just one simple stage.
  • Depending on bone availability we may only need to use one or two Zygomatic implants, along with 2-4 ordinary dental implants to support the restoration.
  • In cases where bone has further diminished in availability, up to 4 Zygomatic Implants may be used to achieve a stable support for restorations.
  • In particularly challenging cases where the jaw is exceptionally damaged by advanced bone loss / destruction, we will design and make implantsspecifically for your particular situation.

Zygomatic and standard Implants

Quad Zygomatic implants in extremely atrophic maxilla

Same Day Teeth

After the surgical placement of the Zygomatic Implants, we routinely fit a fixed resin bridge on the same day.

This has been a great advantage for our patients, whom instead of having graft treatments over a 9-18 month period and several different operations, as was previously the case, have been able to be rid of their dentures in just one day.

The benefits of Zygomatic Implant Treatment

Although Zygomatic implants are considerably longer than conventional implants, the treatment is very similar from the patient’s perspective. Our placement of Zygomatics is minimally invasive, using our image guided surgery to produce a precise replica model of the upper jawbone meaning we do not have to carry out a wide surgical exposure. So as to make the experience as comfortable as possible, this sort of treatment usually takes place under intra-venous sedation.

When dentures have been worn for a long time, it can lead to the loss of large amounts of supporting bone which creates a 'collapse' or loss of face height. Zygomatic implants correct this loss of facial structure which has a rejuvenating effect to the appearance of the face.