Tom Bereznicki has been invited to speak at the Edinburgh Occlusion Conference run by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

The conference will be held at The Apex Grassmarket, Edinburgh on 23rd Septmeber 2017.

The focus will be discussing avoiding occlusally related failures in the aesthetic zone and Dr Bereznicki will be speaking about:

  • RCP v ICP
  • Working to conformative v re-organised occlusion
  • Long centric
  • Tooth migration in the anterior region as a result of occlusal problems in the posterior quadrants
  • The importance of anterior guidance, particularly canine protected occlusion
  • Working side and non-working side interferences
  • The consequences of ‘cross-over in working and protrusive mandibular excursions
  • Anterior tooth wear
  • Material choices in bruxism
  • The importance of correct occlusion in anterior cosmetic bonding
  • Diagnosis
  • Avoiding fracturing teeth and roots
  • The importance of anterior disclusion particularly with reference to posterior crown and bridge design
  • The link between orthodontic treatment and occlusion
  • When to carry out occlusal adjustments