Rapid technological advances in imaging have been accompanied by advances in computer aided design and we are at the forefront of this exciting technology - which has massive implications for medicine and dentistry.

As well as having state-of the art conventional '2D' digital X-Ray imaging, we are particularly proud of our extensive 3D imaging facilities. We were the first to introduce Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to the UK, and to use the technology routinely to the great benefit of our patients. There are now many types of CBCT scanner available; ours is a state of the art facility, widely regarded as setting the gold standard in the field.

Our 3D imaging enhances our ‘3D-thinking’ and 3D perception, improving our ability to diagnose and treat our patients. 3D imaging and 3D printing technologies have dramatically changed our management of patients requiring complex treatments, transforming implant surgery, root canal treatment, and crown and bridgework, and contributing to more straightforward and predictable treatment for our patients.

Our extraordinary technological resources enable us to carry out extraordinary treatments - for example, final fixed implant bridgework in just one 30 minute surgical session.

On a more mundane level, being able to accurately visualise the structures of the teeth, jaws, and face facilitates the diagnosis of problems such as a subtle change in the jaw associated with an early infection from a failing root - which can cause severe pain - or the identification of bony defects - which can greatly complicate implant treatment  - and may makes subsequent treatment more predictable and less invasive.