Improve the function and appearance with Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Dawood & Tanner use the most advanced ceramic and tooth-coloured restorative materials to achieve the best possible cosmetic outcome for our patients.

With dental work at the front of the mouth, appearance is a major concern, along with the precision of' fit' and conservation of tooth structure.

Dawood & Tanner believe in maintaining your natural teeth and will always avoid preparation of teeth (drilling!), when other, more conservative cosmetic dental treatments can be used effectively to enhance and retain the long-term health and beauty of your teeth.

For instance, some patients may feel that they need to have veneers to improve their smiles, but our Zoom Laser tooth whitening is so effective, that veneers may not be required. In other cases, we can use bonded restorations, rather than crowns or veneers, or dental implants instead of bridgework.

Our philosophy of cosmetic dental treatment is to use the most appropriate treatments and techniques to achieve beautiful results and maintain the optimum dental health of your own natural teeth.

We have been able to dramatically improve the function and appearance of our patient’s teeth, as for example, in the case of the young woman below, who was missing many of her adult teeth. After eights years of inconclusive orthodontic treatment, she wanted to replace her missing teeth and correct her poorly formed adult teeth. Our treatment included bonded restorations, veneers, crowns, and dental implants; all used to the best possible effect in order to build up and replace her diminutive or absent adult teeth.

The extractions, bone grafting, implant placement (with immediate provision for temporary Crowns and Bridgework) was accomplished in a single session. The rest of this treatment was accomplished in just a few further sessions over a period of three months. This beautiful young woman was at long last able to smile with confidence.