Regular hygienist appointments and the right approach to maintenance will dramatically reduce all dental health (and potential implant) problems.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene and forming the right habits from an early age will almost entirely prevent gum disease and tooth decay for most people - and that is why you will find that we focus heavily upon prevention.

As part of the Dawood and Tanner Hygiene treatments, all our clinicians are trained to examine for and identify suspicious changes in the oral tissues as part of your routine examinations and maintenance appointments.

Patients who have had any kind of complex treatment need regular examinations, so that any problems may be picked up early, and dealt with promptly. Restored teeth or implants need at least as much, if not more, hygiene maintenance than teeth, and so it is important that a proper regimen is planned and adhered to once treatment is complete.

A patient who has had gum disease needs to be vigilant in their oral hygiene maintenance to prevent any reoccurrence of disease.

A patient who has had tooth decay in the past will continue to experience problems with decay unless they change their diet - in particular, controlling intake of sugar. Dental restorations do not protect teeth from decay – they only replace what has been lost.  Ageing or inadequate restorations may actually predispose  you to decay developing as plaque bacteria establish themselves in 'gaps' between the inadequaterestoration and the tooth.

Tooth wear caused in part by fruit and acidic beverages is on the increase. If identified early, further damage may be avoided, and the teeth repaired if need be.

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Routine Maintenance

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Tooth Decay

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Preventing Gum Disease

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Tooth Wear

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