Prevention and treatment of Gum Disease at Dawood & Tanner will improve your gum health and help you to avoid tooth and bone loss.

Preventing Gum Disease

Using floss beneath a dental bridge

Dental plaque is the main cause of gum disease and is also partially responsible for tooth decay. If plaque has been completely removed from around teeth gum disease will be prevented. In fact, some forms of gum disease will be entirely eliminated by proper cleaning. 
Some people are more susceptible to gum disease than others, - especially smokers or people with chronic health problems - and will need more help from our hygienists or therapists or may require deep cleaning by the dentist of inaccessible deposits of disease-causing plaque. It should be noted that gum disease is the main reason for tooth loss in adults - that is why we place so much emphasis on keeping your teeth plaque-free by regular and thorough tooth brushing, using dental floss or other cleaning aids, and regular hygienist appointments. We can advise you on which of the vast number of different toothbrushes and other cleaning aids to use for cleaning difficult areas of the mouth such as under bridges, or around implant restorations. Removing plaque is a prerequisite for the treatment of gum disease.


Regular Examination

Cleaning above an implant bridge with special implant brush

We can help to ensure that teeth are cleaned effectively, and that difficult areas are reached. By seeing a hygienist on a regular basis, as well as good home care, gum disease and tooth decay may be eliminated and entirely prevented. 
By identifying early signs of decay or gum inflammation it is possible to reverse the process, and avoid having to fill the tooth or gum and tooth loss.

An important aspect of our dental examination always includes a cancer check for the face and mouth to make sure you are stay in the best of health.