Gum disease is the main cause of adult tooth loss in the UK, yet it can so easily be avoided!

Gum treatments at Dawood & Tanner remove hardened deposits of tartar (calculus), which is mineralised plaque, as well as softer, fresh plaque from above and most importantly beneath the gum line (where you are unable to clean yourself) in order to eliminate gum disease.

Teeth lost as a result of gum disease - calculus covers the root surfaces

Treatment may take place initially with our therapists using a 'closed' approach, using scalers and ultrasonic instrumentation to clean under the gum.

Following this initial treatment, our Specialist Periodontists, will perform a deep cleaning treatment, that may take place under local anaesthetic, sometimes accompanied by either oral or intra-venous sedation. This gum treatment uses an 'open' approach, where the gum is lifted away surgically so that the roots may be directly visualised and instrumented in the sites which have failed to respond to simple measures.


Bone loss caused by gum disease - lumps of calculus visible on the tooth roots

Frequent and thorough maintenance will then do much to prevent the reappearance of inflammation and pocketing.

Although these techniques will allow for healing, once supporting bone has been lost, regeneration of the lost bone may only be possible with the use of special surgical techniques.

Smoking and other chronic health problems is a major risk factor for gum disease. People who have gum disease, and smoke will find it much harder to control / treat their gum problems. Smokers generally have more dental problems and fewer teeth!

The best treatment is prevention!