Minimally Invasive Tooth Extraction

Most extractions of teeth are simple, but in special circumstances, such as when teeth are deeply buried, infected or difficult to grasp, specialist assistance is required.

When dental implants are needed, careful and meticulous planning and surgery will make all the difference in conserving the supporting bone, and reducing any resulting deformity, as well as leaving the jaw as intact as possible and ready for implant placement, bridgework or dentures.

Our minimally invasive approach to tooth extraction surgery is facilitated by on-site access to state of the art 3D-imaging and technological expertise - particularly useful for deeply buried wisdom teeth which may lie close to the dental nerve.

Treatment under sedation is available on-site with one of our specialist anaesthetists, and treatment under general anaesthesia is available in one of the nearby hospitals, for example The Harley St Clinic or The London Clinic.


x-ray of buried teeth
Adult incisor tooth has failed to erupt and needs to be removed

3D imaging of buried teeth
3D rendering of buried tooth