Full Jaw Replacement and Dental Implant Reconstruction

In 2006 our team completed the first ever one stage partial jaw replacement with immediate dental implant and prosthetic reconstruction for a cancer patient.

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This poor man was shot in the jaw leaving him with horrific injuries.

This process was repeated in 2007 for the first ever full jaw replacement with combined dental implant reconstruction. This extraordinary procedure was carried out for a middle aged man who lost most of his lower jaw in a shooting incident.

Precise digital planning was carried out using 3D imaging, 3D printed models, and 3D printed guides by Dr Andrew Dawood,  whilst Prof. Iain Hutchison and his surgical team carried out the planned transfer of a vascularised graft of bone and tissue from the patient's shoulder blade to reconstitute a new jawbone. Implants placed by Dr Dawood were immediately provided with, and loaded by pre-prepared fixed bridgework, to complete a full reconstruction in just one procedure in the course of a single day - a jaw in a day! This ground-breaking procedure has allowed our patients to return to a fairly normal life almost immediately after surgery; eating, drinking and communicating despite the catastrophic loss of tissue whether as a result of trauma or cancer surgery.


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Our first jaw in a day - immediate jaw reconstruction, implants and bridgework at the same time as cancer resection 2006

6 years after re constructive surgery following shotgun injury in 2007 - jaw replacement with immediate implant and bridge reconstruction