Orthodontic Brace Systems For ONE & ALL

Orthodontic treatment will improve your smile and dental health by straightening your natural teeth, helping you to be confident and proud of your lovely smile.

Orthodontic treatment (braces) may be considered at any age - more than half of our patients are adults.

We consider Orthodontics to be both a science and an art that involves not only the alignment of crooked or spaced teeth, but also improving your bite and dental health.

Treatment is tailored to each patient, to address their individual situation and expectations. We will help you choose the correct brace system which is most suited to you and your life style.

We use state of the art technology and appliances including Invisalign, Damon, Incognito systems, as well as traditional brace systems for all age groups.

We pride ourselves in offering our patients a personalised, treatment that is suited to and planned for their needs, lifestyle, and expectations.

We also routinely use:

  • Fixed braces (e.g. Damon system)
  • Discrete fixed braces (e.g. Incognito Lingual braces)
  • Invisible removable braces (e.g. Invisalign)
  • Removable Braces (plastic with wire clips)
  • Functional Braces (for growth modification)


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Braces for Children

  As your child grows and develops, their teeth may need orthodontic treatment for a lovely smile that builds confidence. Our specialist orthodontist will help with the assessment of...More on Braces for Children ›

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Adult (Discreet) Braces

We use a wide variety of adult (discreet) orthodontic brace types, and believe that the system chosen should be tailored to each patient’s individual needs, rather than using a...More on Adult (Discreet) Braces ›

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Multi-Disciplinary Orthodontics

In certain cases, patients may have severe dental problems that require a collaborative treatment with orthodontics to prepare the teeth for bridges or dental implants. We may use orthodontics...More on Multi-Disciplinary Orthodontics ›