As your child grows and develops, their teeth may need orthodontic treatment for a lovely smile that builds confidence.

Our specialist orthodontist will help with the assessment of your child as their their face and jaws grow, and their dentition develops.

Common concerns include:

      • overcrowding
      • protruding teeth
      • gaps between teeth
      • lack of space for developing teeth
      • extra teeth
      • too few teeth
      • early loss of teeth due to trauma
      • dental decay
      • poor biting relationships between the teeth and jaws

There is no set age for an orthodontic consultation, but usually you will be referred at an appropriate stage by one of our experienced Specialist Paediatric dentists, or by your general dental practitioner. You are always welcome to book an appointment to discuss your concerns.

The age at which we treat our patients is specific to each and every young patient, and takes into account their growth and development. We also advise on breaking bad dental habits such as thumb/finger sucking and nail biting, as well as introducing the use of a protective sports guard for all contact sports. The type of braces is also highly individual; you do not always have to wait for all of the adult teeth to appear before starting treatment!

It is extremely important that your child continues to see the hygienist regularly while undergoing any orthodontic treatment.


Left image, pre-orthodontic treatment for realign the upper canine teeth. Middle image, Damon fixed braces were used, (right image) completed case, this patient was very happy with her new smile.