How 3D Printing helped our young dental patient

Our paediatric specialist recently saw a young boy who had been diagnosed with unerupted upper canines. The orthodontist was keen to expose these teeth and bring them back in the correct position. This is not an uncommon problem but often requires complex surgery to even locate the teeth.

The paediatric specialist liaised with our specialist periodontist, Dr Fiona MacKillop.

A specialised 3D scan was taken of the upper jaw. A 3D printer then created a model of the jaw, showing the exact positions and angles of the canines in relation to the palate and teeth.

It was then possible for Dr MacKillop to treatment plan the surgery, using the 3D information to predictably locate the teeth. The patient was in the chair for half the time and the experience was far less daunting as he had seen the 3D model and understood what was going to happen.