Andrew Dawood – Global Inspirational Individual award winner at the 3D Printshow

The 3D Printshow awards ceremony, is a spectacular annual event with a global reach, open to anyone; professional or hobbyist, individual, team or business, contributing to the world of 3D printing.

The awards recognise those individuals who have embraced 3D printing as a new technology in their field, and also acknowledge individuals who have worked tirelessly to improve the technology, making it more adaptable, robust and cost-effective for businesses and creative minds to adopt.

One of London’s most prolific early-adopters of 3D Printing technology, Dr Andrew Dawood was awarded with the ‘Global Inspirational Individual Award’ on Thursday 7th November at the 3D Awards Ceremony.

Andrew Dawood has been pioneering the use of 3D printing in dental implant treatments at Dawood & Tanner Specialist Dental Practice in London since 1999. 3D printing plays an essential role in planning and treatment for a patient requiring advanced implant and reconstructive surgery and prosthetics. Dr Dawood is a leader in the use and development of 3D printing for advanced surgical planning and reconstruction.

Extending out from implant and digital dentistry to become active in areas of surgical planning including complex maxillofacial problems and orthopaedic applications, he is both an ambassador for 3D printing in medicine and an educator, calling for the medical profession to understand the need for research and development to fully unleash the potential of this technology.

Andrew was part of the team that developed the incredible facial prosthesis for cancer patient Mr Eric Moger. His work as an early adopter of 3D scanning and printing has made him a advisor for surgeons wishing to integrate these technologies into their surgical field.

Andrew saw the potential of 3D printing as a tool for design and development, which could be made available to a wider set of disciplines. In 2008 Andrew launched the 3D printing and digitisation company Digits2Widgets, taking this extraordinary technology to areas outside of the medical field – from architecture and engineering to art and fashion. Andrew is unique because of his wide breadth of interest, knowledge and skills, and more importantly, his love for invention.

Other nominees for the award included Adrian Bowyer a British engineer and mathematician, inventor of the ‘Rep Rap’, Dr. Atala, the director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Professor of Urology, Neil Gershenfeld, one of the most innovative scientists in North America – a professor at MIT and the head of MIT’s Centre for Bits and Atoms, a sister lab to the MIT Media Lab.