Last night the popular TV series Embarrassing Bodies broadcasted an hour long episode on the remarkable story of our patient Mr Eric Moger.

All the team at Dawood and Tanner feel privileged to have helped such a brave and wonderful man. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to help Eric, with what is an ongoing and challenging commitment.

We also want to acknowledge the remarkable lifesaving treatments carried out by Mr Nicholas Kalavresos and his team at University College London.

With the loss of his left eye, cheek and jawbone and much of his skull, Eric could not have surgical reconstruction due to the extraordinary size of the defect, the radical radiotherapy and the chemotherapy treatment he received, all limiting his capacity to heal.

For 4 years, Eric has endured life with a gauze dressing covering a defect extending from the forehand down the left side of the face and through into the mouth. Eric was not able to eat solid foods, drink from a glass or speak clearly.

Dr Andrew Dawood used special 3D imaging and printing technologies to plan Eric’s novel treatment. Having these new technologies readily available to all patients at this specialist dental practice has been a crucial part of Eric’s treatment to help with improving his ability to eat and drink.

We are delighted and prod to see a new found confidence in Eric and changes to his lifestyle. The Dawood and Tanner team wish him all the best for the future.