Improve Your Appearance With Advanced Restorative Dentistry

When providing restorative dentistry, appearance, along with long-term health is our primary goal.

Emily_InterviewAdvanced restorative dentistry tends to be required because the teeth are in a poor state, but sometimes treatment may be desired for purely cosmetic reasons.  Returning your teeth to good health and an aesthetically pleasing appearance are goals that need not be exclusive to one another.

Our practice helps patients in need of advanced dentistry treatments to achieve this in the most effective manner possible. Dawood & Tanner has experts in all these forms of treatment together under one roof, to achieve a healthy and beautiful cosmetic smile.  Advanced restorative dentistry may involve some or all of these specialists: Prosthodontics, which involves replacing the visible part of missing or broken-down teeth with ”prostheses” e.g. a crown, veneer, or bridge placed on teeth or on implants. Periodontics, which is the treatment of the gums and supporting bone around teeth. Endodontics, which is root canal treatment, and treatments that impact on the nerve canal of a tooth under treatment. Implant Dentistry, to replace missing teeth where there is loss of bone.

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