Your child's first dental experiences are very important for their future dental health.

The UK wide Dental Check by One campaign has been launched by BSPD in partnership with the Office of the Chief Dental Officer England. The aim of the campaign is to increase the number of children who access dental care aged 0-2 years.

Caring for your baby’s teeth is one of many important responsibilities as you become a parent.

Your baby will have 20 baby teeth which usually come through from the age of about 6 months, but this can vary greatly. Occasionally teeth can be present at birth (natal teeth) or shortly after birth (neonatal teeth). These are seen in less than 1% of babies and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. Our paediatric dentists can advise if treatment is required.


Carefully considered and meticulous children's dentistry, treatment and preventive care will help to ensure that like most of the children that we have looked after over many years, they are restoration-free as adults, and have the best possible attitude and insight into their dental future. Children's dentistry has changed a great deal in the last twenty five years. Children can expect to keep all their teeth healthy for the rest of their lives. Most dental diseases are avoidable; though this does depend on excellent supervised mouth care at home and regular visits to the hygienist and dentist who can identify and even reverse early cavities, monitor the growth and development of the face, and advise on prevention and diet. In addition to our paediatric dental specialists, our extended multidisciplinary team will consider orthodontics and the growth of the jaws, the long-term impact of the retention of heavily restored or root treated teeth, the need for implant replacement of congenitally missing teeth, and the surgical removal of buried teeth - all aided by our therapists and hygienists and technological resources.

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