Dr Susan Tanner shares how to dazzle with a beautiful smile on your special day.

On your wedding day you want a glorious smile, one that lights up the room; a spontaneous smile, without any hesitancy, a whole-hearted full smile, showing all your upper teeth, which naturally draws in the eyes, showing your genuine pleasure. A reluctant smile, because you feel uncomfortable about your teeth and gums, will be obvious. Beautifully clean teeth all the way around the dental arch and tight, pink gums is what looks fabulous.
It is very rare for natural teeth to be absolutely perfect, and a great smile does not depend upon straight teeth. Your natural teeth will most often suit your face bringing individuality and character. As long as your teeth are clean and well cared for, without gaps in the arch, with beautiful, healthy gums show them off on Your Day and let the world know how happy you are.

There is no quick short cut to a beautiful smile. Of course you may want to see your hygienist for a ‘scale and polish’ just before the big day, but looking after your mouth as routine, long term, will ensure a gorgeous smile always.
We all know that brushing your teeth and flossing regularly is imperative, but don’t forget to see your dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning, and do discuss options if you do have concerns for the way your teeth and gums look. Watch our education videos.

Dawood & Tanner conducted a study in 2012 with the objective to understand dental habits and health of a demographic from 16 years and upwards across the UK.

40% of the participants said it was bad breath that was the biggest turn-off in a potential partner with body odour following at 34%!

Bad breath is often caused by food particles and bacteria and can be easily eliminated with great oral hygiene; especially flossing that removes the particles stuck between the back teeth. Long-term bad breath that is not cleared up with correct brushing and flossing could be a sign of underlying health problems, so if you are worried do contact your doctor for advice.

Using delicious toothpaste that allows you to choose from four natural tasting flavours can make brushing more exciting and entice you to brush more often.

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