Protecting your teeth from fizzy drinks

We have become a very health conscious society and as a result there is an increase in the intake of multi vitamins and the many forms they are available in.

However consumers are often unaware of the damaging effects fizzy vitamins can have on your teeth. The danger of these soluble vitamins is that they are marketed for daily use and consumers tend to take them with breakfast and brush their teeth shortly after. ‘After you have an acidic drink such as a Berocca, B-Vital or Redoxon your tooth enamel will be softer for a short period of time’, says Dr Susan Tanner.

During this time, teeth can become more vulnerable to corrosion, sensitivity and decay. Vitally, if you brush your teeth during this time, you are likely to brush away a layer of tooth enamel.

So how can you protect your teeth from the effect of fizzy vitamins?

The strength of teeth changes continually over the course of a day, with minerals being taken out and replaced according to the foods you eat and drink.  The removal of these minerals leaves the teeth weaker, more porous and prone to decay.

‘You can minimise your risk of acid erosion by eating cheese, yogurt or having a cup of tea after a fizzy vitamin drink,’ says Dr Susan Tanner. This gives your teeth time to rebuild their mineral content.

Dairy products such as cheese and milk have an alkaline pH that help neutralise acids. They also contain minerals. Eating these after an acid drink will help reduce acid levels and remineralise teeth at a faster rate.

Ultimately, if you are worried about the effects of these vitamins on your mouth, drink them through a straw or perhaps try a vitamin pill.