Dental trauma is the result of an accidental knock or fracture to the teeth.

At Dawood & Tanner we can repair small chips, or in more severe cases, restore teeth that have been fractured or lost from the jaw.

Patients who have sustained dental trauma require a thorough diagnosis and treatment planning. Increasingly, we are finding that inter-disciplinary management with one or more of our in-house team including our specialist Endodontist, Paediatric Dentist, Prosthodontist and/or Orthodontist and surgeons is essential to ensure the most predictable, aesthetic outcome for both children and adults.

We commonly utilise 3D scans and 3D photography to help diagnose these types of dental problems.

Treatment can vary from simple repairs to a fractured tooth edge, rebonding a fractured fragment into place, splinting a loose tooth to the adjacent teeth, preserving the vitality of exposed nerves using biocompatible materials, root canal treatment, through to replacing hopelessly compromised teeth with immediately placed implants.

Our in-house technicians can provide us with almost immediate assistance to fabricate immediate replacement for teeth that may be lost or need to be extracted as a result of dental trauma.

Traumatised teeth may discolour with time, particularly if they are poorly root-treated; we offer focused whitening treatments to improve the appearance of discoloured individual teeth using an in-surgery or in-tooth technique.

It is essential that patients who have sustained dental trauma, no matter how small the nature of the accident, are reviewed on a periodic basis in the first year, and then annually thereafter as post-trauma dental trauma problems may arise.

Dental-Trauma_before Dental-Trauma_-after

(Right image) shows a young boy who fractured his upper left incisor tooth resulting in the nerve tissue being exposed. Bioactive MTA was used to preserve the health of the tooth, thus avoiding root canal treatment.  (Left image), at a 1 year follow up the tooth is healthy and the patient (and his mother) are very happy! Treatment was simple, conservative and quick to carry out.