Root canal (Endodontic) treatment is usually needed if your tooth is infected, painful or fractured.

This treatment can save teeth that might otherwise need to be removed - the aim of root canal treatment is to keep your tooth healthy, and to return it to function.

We use the latest technology to ensure comfortable, efficient and painless root canal treatment. Our approach with our technology means that the majority of our endodontic treatments are carried out in a single 60-90 minute appointment, although of course more challenging teeth may require additional time and/or appointments.

Treatment is carried out under an operating microscope so that the finest detail can be visualised and considered - this is essential for all endodontic treatment, but is particularly invaluable for re-treatment procedures.

We were the first Specialist Endodontic practice in Europe to routinely use Cone Beam CT Scanning (a 3D imaging with a low radiation dose) and 3D printed models to help us manage complex endodontic problems. Having a range of CBCT scanners and a dedicated on-site technical team to help us to optimise your care and maximize success with the early identification of problems is unique in endodontic treatments.

When necessary an inter-disciplinary approach with one or more of our in-house specialists is taken to best manage your unique dental problems.

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Saving Teeth

Saving teeth with root canal treatment can preserve surrounding bone, gum and biting forces. Saving a tooth may help to preserve the surrounding bone, maintain the gum level and...More on Saving Teeth ›

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Failing Root Canal Treatment

Root canal re-treatment is the best choice for a failing root canal treatment. Root canal treatment may fail or become problematic for many reasons, such as not being suitably restored resulting in extensive unmanageable dental...More on Failing Root Canal Treatment ›

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Dental trauma

Dental trauma is the result of an accidental knock or fracture to the teeth. At Dawood & Tanner we can repair small chips, or in more severe cases, restore...More on Dental trauma ›

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Dento-facial Pain Management

Dental pain is most commonly related to the condition of the dental nerve, running through the visible crown of the tooth and the tooth root. However, other causes of...More on Dento-facial Pain Management ›