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We are delighted that Dr Mike Heffernan's article on 'Patient Centered Management of Root Caries' has been featured in July's of Dental Health magazine. 

View the full article here:Mike_July_Article

Raconteur: Dentistry in the Digital Age


Dr Andrew Dawood has recently been featured in an article by Raconteur.

The article is on predictable results through video and photography and digital workflow within dentistry.

Read the full article here



Patient thank you cards


We have received yet another thank you card from one of our dental implant patients today.

We are glad to see so many of our patients are satisfied with the treatment and care we provide  and hope to keep welcoming you all back!

5 Drinks to Avoid Stained Teeth


To preserve your teeth and keep them stain free, Dawood & Tanner have listed 5 of the worst offenders after tea, coffee and red wine of course, when it comes to tooth staining.

You may think these drinks are healthier options but for teeth, the following drinks can cause cavities and discolour your teeth if drunk regularly and without proper cleaning immediately after consuming:

  1. Dark coloured fruit juices such as grape and pomegranate
  2. Tomato juice
  3. Diet Coke and other carbonated drinks
  4. Sports drinks
  5. Smoothies made with berries and other dark fruits
  6. By avoiding these, you could be saving yourself dentist trips for cavity problems and teeth whitening procedures.
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