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Peri-implantitis – British Dental Journal


Dr Andrew Dawood & Dr Susan Tanner have published an article in this month's British Dental Journal issue on peri- implantitis.


Dawood and Tanner celebrate 25 years of Dental Excellence in 2017.

At the anniversary party on September 1, 2017 Susan and Andrew gave a speech thanking all their clinicians, the doctors, patients and special members of staff who have helped build their successful and friendly dental practice on Wimpole Street.


During the last 25 years we feel that we have built something special and we have been able to help a lot of people with both ordinary and extraordinary treatments.
The Dawood & Tanner Family is passionate about making people happy with their smiles.
Since our birth in 1992 we have been trailblazing with the latest technologies and developments, while establishing a caring team of renowned dental professionals and a training academy.



Orthodontics can improve your well being


A recent article published in the British Dental Journal reveals new evidence which supports the role of orthodontics in improving well-being. The studies carried out show that people experience an improvement in social and emotional well-being after having orthodontic treatment.

If you have been thinking about straightening or correcting your teeth, come and see our orthodontists at Dawood & Tanner. No matter how minor or major the treatment required is, our team of Specialists will give you specific advice on the right treatment for you.

We offer multi-disciplinary orthodontic treatment for those with severe dental problems in addition to treatment for children, teenagers and adults using state of the art technology and appliances for discreet or traditional braces.

Dawood & Tanner Celebrate 25th Birthday Celebration


Dawood & Tanner are thrilled to announce that 1st September 2017 marks our 25th year at Wimpole Street.

Many thanks to all our staff for their continuous dedication and hard work.

We would also like to say a big thank you to our loyal patients that have been with us over the years. We welcome and look forward to seeing you all for many more years to come!

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