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Summer Smiles


Did you know, people tend to smile more during summer? Get your summer smile ready with our top tips for keeping your smile bright and fresh during the summer months.

1. Keeping hydrated during the warmer weather is essential but don’t forget to take care of your teeth too!
2. Drinking summer beverages through a straw can help to decrease the amount of contact your teeth have with fizzy, acidic and sugary beverages. Helping to keep your mouth clean and healthy so you can smile with confidence all summer long!
3. Do something for yourself this summer! Visit your dentist for a check-up and remember, you should be seeing your hygienist regularly, so if you haven’t had a chance to recently, take some time for yourself and get a dental and hygiene check-up.
4. Being on the go, getting involved with outdoor activities and having BBQ’s and picnics is all part of summer fun however not so fun for our teeth! If brushing after eating and drinking isn’t an option, rinse your mouth with water to remove sugars until it’s possible to brush.
5. While taking part in outdoor activities and sports, always wear appropriate protective wear including mouth shields. Make sure children follow the pool rules as some dental emergencies happen through slipping on wet surfaces during the summer.
6. Enjoy your ice cold drinks without sensitivity by visiting your dentist for advice
7. Have fun, take care of yourself and don’t forget to smile!

World Oral Health Day


Today is the international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health.

For all the debate about hidden ingredients in our everyday foods, sugar has remained curiously unresearched - even though it's present in nearly all our foods and can, if eaten in too large quantities, seriously damage our health.

Menswear Style Article


Peter Brooker from Menswear Style Online has written a fantastic blog on Dawood & Tanner General Practice. Dental care is the one area that often gets completely overlooked when talking about a holistic self-care. As a society we talk about diet, exercise, mindfulness, beauty but not about ones smile.  Malcolm Gladwell (writer from the New Yorker) recently highlighted that teeth are becoming the new benchmark of inequality.

To read Peter's blog post please follow the link. 



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